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Armenian Terror Organizations

1) Hunchak: This organization was established in 1884 by Nazarbek and is considered to be the first Armenian Terror organization. Hunchak consists of two divisions; Troyak: "The Flag" and Dashnaksutyun "Unity". The organisation publishes the "Hunchak" paper.

Separatist Social Democrat Armenian organization "Hunchak" met in May 1993 in Beirut. The resolutions adopted at this meeting included cooperation with the terrorist PKK and launching attacks on Nahcivan

2) Dashnak: This committee of terror was formed in Tiflis in 1890.

Their aim was to establish a non-communist Armenia and force Turkish authorities to pay compensations for an alleged genocide. Dashnak committee and PKK had a meeting in Northern Iraq in May 2000.

Dashnak publications include "Hayrenik", "Asbarez" and "Armenian Weekly"

3) Gulbenkyan Foundation: Mr Gulbenkyan was one of the major shareholders in the Turkish Petroleum Company which was supposed to operate the Iraq oil fields according to an agreement signed in 1905.

Gulbenkyan sold all his shares when Ottoman Empire was defeated at the end of WW1 and started pursuing the dream of establishing an independent Armenian state in Anatolia.

The Foundation is currently working for the religious, territorial and cultural benefit of the world Armenian community through its offices in London, Lisbon, Beirut and Jerusalem.

Gulbenkyans son was given Turkish citizenship in 1915 and given the title of Honorary Consul to London.

4) ASALA: (Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia)

This group was established in January 1975 by Agop Agopyan(Killed by rival Armenian terror organizations in 1988) and Agop Tarakciyan(Died of leukemia in 1980).

Command center is in Beirut with branches in Denmark, USA, Austria, Australia, Syria, Venezuela, France etc.

Publications include "Call to Young", "Hayastan", "Hay Hay Baykar", "Armenia" and "Kaytzer"

The aim of the group is to establish a "Greater Armenia" and secure acceptance of the alleged genocide in Turkiye. ASALA launches terrorist attacks on Turkish and Azeri targets. ASALA follows a Marxist-Leninist ideology and claims that other Armenian organizations are too soft in their approaches. ASALA states that they will adopt terror campaigns to achieve their goals. Other terror organizations followed the emergence of ASALA. "New Armenian Resistance Organization" in 1981 in France, "Azad Hay" in Canada, "Gaitzer" in England all declared that they will unite with ASALA.

The organization was divided into three fractions after the death of Agopyan in 1988. ASALA-MR, ASALA-PMLA and SASSOON. ASALA groups started cooperating with Islamic Jihad and PKK since 1983.


One of the leaders of ASALA, Agop Agopyan, started losing control in the organization after 1983. He resorted to internal terror by getting his militant opponents executed, accusing them of treason. One of those who escaped death was Monte Melkonyan(who was killed in Azeri town of Agdam in 1993) and Karsik Havaryan. These two established the New ASALA and accused Agop Agopyan as being a fascist gangster.

New ASALA opposes mass murders and favours targeted attacks.

6) New Armenian Resistance:

This is an arm of ASALA. Their first terror act was the 1972 bombing of the Turkish Tourism and Information Office in Paris. They also claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Soviet Information Office in Paris and Aeroflot office in Brussels. The head office is in France.

7) Armenian Liberation Front:

Was formed as a branch of ASALA in 1979. Organization was active in training the terrorists who were sent to Turkiye and Azerbaijan.

8) Armenian Unity:

This organization was formed in 1988 by Vazgen Sisliyan in Moscow. Has organic links with ASALA and responsible for preparing false documents for the ASALA members as well as supplying funds for the terror activities. Plays active role in hiring and arming mercenaries, terrorists and providing safe passage to the disputed Karabagh region in Azerbaijan.

9) 3 October Group:

Thought to have emerged after the appearance of a cell with the same name in ASALA.

10) 9 June Group:

An action group formed in 1991. It is active within ASALA. Main purpose is to secure the release of detained Armenian Terrorists. The group is active in Switzerland.

11) Armenian Liberation Movement:

This was established in France in 1991. Acts in accordance with ASALA. The head office is in Yerevan.

12) Young Armenians Union:

Formed 1990 in France. Carries out lobby activities directed towards the diplomats and decision makers of the old Soviet Republics in an effort to facilitate annexing Karabagh into greater Armenia.

13) GEKO: (Secret Armenian Liberation Organization)

Formed in 1975, Beirut. Controlled by Syrian Armenians. Organizes terrorist acts against Turkish Diplomats. They claim to have murdered 19 diplomats in the first 6 years.

14) Democratic Front:

This group was formed by the amalgamation of USA, Canada, Western Europe GEKO groups and the Armenian National Movement.

Main aim is the destruction of Turkish Republic.

15) Armenian Support Committee for Political Detainees:

Established by the Armenians in France. Declared "Bloody War" against the Swiss government which is supporting Turkiye.

16) Suicide Commandos:

Is famous for the 1981 terrorist attack against the Turkish Embassy in France.

17) Armenian Resistance Organization:

Established 1997 in Paris, follows a socialist line.

18) Armenian Youth Attack Organization:

Head office is in Beirut. Publication: Zortang "Awakening"

Controlled by the Armenian church. Active in Algeria, Italy and Germany.

19) JCAG(Armenian Genocide Justice Commandos):

Thought to have been established in 1973 in Los Angeles, USA. Branch in Paris.

Publication: "Yerevan"

Main aim is to establish an independent and free Armenia.

This is the military arm of the Dashnak Party. Activities are concentrated in European countries and targeted at Turkish interests. JCAG also uses the name ARA(Armenian Revolutionary Army)

20) Armenian Revolutionary Army:

Beirut based "Armenia" magazine informed in 1984 that ARA claimed responsibility for many specific terrorist activities.

21) Armenian Popular Movement:

Established by Armenians living in Greece. Carries out anti-Turkish activities. Head office is in Athens.

22) Freedom Tigers:

Established in 1991, organises attacks against villages in Karabagh, Azerbaijan.

23) Eagle Organization:

Formed by Armenian youth in France in 1981. Lobbies for the release of Armenian terrorists in various prisons around the world.

24) Switzerland Organization:

A product of recent years. Active in European countries. Asumed responsibility for 4 terror acts in France, Italy and Greece.

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